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Only Indian as Ambassador in US based augmented reality for education.


Microsoft Educator Community


“We got selected to be on the Microsoft Eudcator Community in sharing knowledge and experience with students around the world as one of the education technology expert.


What We Do?

We offer workshops, presentations and teacher developmental programs of a unique kind – suiting the needs of your teaching staff.


Digital Education

We develop and offer Tech tools by subject and resources



We Create Innovative projects and provide High end support.



We offer Teacher Development Trainings. We conduct workshops, seminars and webinars.

Have You Seen our Products?

School Connect

School Connect Program

This is an innovative program launched for the first time – We will make it happen, using technology, to get your school connected with other far away schools/classrooms/ teachers/ students in India or abroad Exchange views, ideas, projects and programs too.

We seek your cooperation in using and embracing technology and innovative methodologies as we believe it is time to bid good bye to the way we taught students yesterday as our present students are digital learners.

Digital Teacher

Be a Digital Teacher

We designed a 20 hour certified Digital Teacher Course…. With follow-up arrangements too.


Empowering tools for today's educators

A unique book which uses multiple voices to reflect on the implementation of Educational strategies for ICT in education. Although much is said and written on ICT, this book is the first of its kind that sets the benchmark for School education. This book provides an accessible means of getting an insiders perspective. These series of chapters highlight the quiet revolution that has started occurring in schools. This book highlights the multifaceted nature of the ICT journey from infrastructure to the importance of the individual teacher and student.

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360 Degrees view of Birla Auditorium

Chemistry AR for classes 6 and above

Understanding Refraction using Virtual lab (Class VIII & above)

Understanding Reflection & images formed by two mirrors inclined at an angle (lass IX & above)

Difference between Oscillation & Rotation

Teacher's helper (to enhance English language skills)

  • School Connect

    School Connect Program

  • Digital Teacher

    Be a Digital Teacher

  • project 3

    Empowering tools for today's educators

  • Birla

    360 Degrees view of Birla Auditorium

  • project 5

    Learning Chemistry using Augmented Reality (class VI & above)

  • project 6

    Understanding Refraction using Virtual lab

  • project 7

    Understanding Reflection & Images

  • project 8

    Difference between Oscillation & Rotation

  • project 9

    Teacher's helper

Who We Are?

About Us

We help preparing students for an increasingly complex and challenging world by powering up our experiences to provide professional development to teachers who are dedicated and who try creating innovative learning opportunities for their students.

Using Computer-based Simulations/Applets (Virtual Labs) and mobile-based AR (Augmented Reality), a student can get very close to the real experience and make the students prepare for the real experiences. In fact, these experiences and learning go hand in hand – an engaged learning.

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We have the familiarity and know-how with an extensive range of educational backgrounds. We are thrilled to partner with you should your school opt in trying to leverage new technologies to support student learning. We wish to collaborate with any school in the Indian peninsula to turn their whole educators into Digital Teachers (on-line/off-line)

Change in Changing Times

At, we feel educators must scale up and prepare students for a more complex and demanding world through technology implementation and the ever-changing digital technologies.

When we work with school teachers and leaders, we focus our discussions around three core questions:
Change, what for? – For new instruction and pedagogy
What Does Change Look Like? – Visualizing and performing (with technology) across schools
Assessing & Accepting Change - moving towards important goals of creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and connection.

Technology plays a vital role in helping students develop these skills. We work with school educators offering hands-on practice and experiences with various web tools, iPads, and mobile devices. We pay particular attention to the essential role of teacher-leaders in leading the way towards meaningful technology-integration. In doing so, a greater understanding of what change looks like becomes apparent from the instructional point of view.

We work with principals, curriculum specialists, IT directors, academic technology specialists, teacher-leaders with a desire to help change instruction in their schools and classrooms.

Explore & Experience 21st Century Teaching Skills.

Try Simulations

Try Simulations

Our Clients

  • Meston College
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